Friday, 15 April 2016

Richee's Pokemon Nuzlocke Journal #3

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So with Big Bob out the way of my path and now in my team, I continued to route 7 where the daycare is located. I decided to leave both Stinger and Doofy to get some levels as I hope to finally get more then six 'mon in my team. I first checked out the battle château to get an extra bit of training under my belt and got the title of Viscount for my troubles. Heading into the grass I came across Croagunk, a poison fighting type I've all ways liked the design of, and I caught her quite easily, naming her Gunkett.

To get to route 8 I had to travel through the connecting cave, which contained Zubats, of course. Unfortunately, Big Bob had other plans, scoring a critical hit and flattening my only chance to catch something in this cave. Heading onto route 8 I came across Absol, a Pokemon which is mega able, which would be quite handy. Not learning my lesson from the Zubat incident, Big Bob would come out to one hit Absol and my chances of getting a sixth 'mon in my team. Well the grind is needed, and I need Gobe to evolve so I can get Ninjask and also Shedinja, so I level up my team before heading to Ambretter Town.

After speaking to the lab assistance, I headed down route 9 on a Rhyhorn back in search of a professor who knows a bit about Pokemon fossils. Along the way I came across a Hippopotas. Having missed my chance on the last two encounters, I had to catch this one, which I did, donning him the name Hip-Hops. Big Bob got his act together this time, so I equipped him with a rocky helmet, so anyone physically attacking him gets damaged also. I heal up before heading into the Glittering Cave and switched Gunkett to the front of the team. Her sand attack should help me catch the first 'mon I come across, which was *drum roll please*...
Hot damn, a Kangaskhan! My luck had finally come in. I've never come across a Kangaskhan in these caves before so I had to be extra careful to catch her. First I weakened her accuracy with sand attack while getting some hits in to lower her health, then I switched in Gobe to use his double team ability, making it hard for the Kangaskhan to even hit my team. I got through three great balls and dusk ball before she landed a bite on Gobe, but when she did it was enough damage to make me switch out. Big Bob easily has the best defence, so out he goes to soak up the damage while I throw some more great balls. Unfortunately I had forgotten about the rocky helmet I had given to Big Bob; one bite later, Kangaskhan had been defeated and my ability to catch anything in this cave.

Completely depressed at the loss of the Kangaskhan, I pushed on finding some Team Flare goons take my frustrations out on. After dealing with them I found the professor and got myself a Jaw fossil for my troubles. I didn't lose anyone this time, but my failure to catch Zubat, Absol and the awesome Kangaskhan could hinder me in the later game. Finished with Gunkett lv 18 Shedinja lv 20, Gobe lv 21, Big Bob lv 22 Tiny Turt lv 24 and FoxTrot lv 25. Richee

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