Monday, 11 April 2016

Richee's Pokemon Nuzlocke Journal #2

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I have the first badge but, still only 3 'mons, so it's time to press on to route 4 and see what I get. It took a while running round but a Ledian appeared, yay! Cleared out a few trainers and FoxTrot evolved into Braixen just in time to reach Luminose City, where I met and defeated Professor Sycamore. Getting to chose one of the three original 'mon, I rolled an 8 to get my self Squirtle a.k.a Tiny Turt. With five Pokemon in tow now, Serena let me know we are rivals. Just what I needed in my life.

I carried on to route 5 with all the goons, feeling like a good 'mon has to appear first at some point. Unfortunatly it wasn't this point, as a Minum appeared and was not difficult to catch getting the name NotAChue, which is a bit mean but Minum is next to useless. After catching NotAChue almost instantly an Abra appeared to mock me and, my luck, he then teleported before I could attack him, the smug git. While battling, both Tiny Turt and Doofy evolved into Wartortel and Bibarel. Upon reaching Camphrier Town I found out they have a rather large problem with a sleepy Snorlax on a bridge, heading down route 6 to some guys Parfum Palace to get the pokeflute. On the way back I got into a double battle against two Furfrou's, who both enjoyed headbutting NotAChue into oblivion, leaving me with only four 'mon in my team. I got through the fight, and Eddyba evolved into Ledian. At least the four 'mon I have are evolved now.
I stuck around route 6 to catch a Nincada who I named Gobe after the Arrested Development character, and I battled the remaining trainers to prepare for the immense Snorlax battle, which was to come. I put Eddyba at the front of my team, hoping that it's type advantage might give it the edge. It didn't, and Snorlax easily swept past him. I switched in Tiny Turt, who managed to weaken Snorlax enough for me to catch him and give him the nick name Big Bob. Ending this entry with Gobe lv 13, Big Bob 15, Doofy and Stinger lv 19, Tiny Turt lv 22 and FoxTrot on 24. Richee

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