Thursday, 7 April 2016

Richee's Pokemon Nuzlocke Journal #1

So I've all ways enjoyed the Pokemon games but lets face it, there not really that challenging. Unless, of course, you strap on a load of ludicrous rules (the Nuzlocke Challange) that hinder your options and really test your Pokemon knowledge. So here are the rules I'm paying by: you can only catch the first Pokemon you encounter in a new zone; if you defeat it you can not catch another 'mon in that area; Pokemon you are forced to fight like Snorlax is a freebie; you can't use any items while battling but items that can be held by the Pokemon are okay if your not using them. And of course, the ultimate rule, if your Pokemon faints it is considered dead and must be released back in to the wild.
I'm playing through Pokemon Y and will be rolling a nine sided dye for the two starters you get to choose. So Chespin was 1-3 Fennekin was 4-6 and Froakie was 7-9 I rolled a 4 so my starter is Fennekin who I nicknamed FoxTrot. After destroying Shauna's Chespin with ember my adventure begins. I stocked up on Pokeballs and potions before setting of on route 2 where as usual the first Pokemon you come across is Pidgey after some serious scratching I caught Pidgey and named her P-Idgy. Learnt how to catch Pokemon thanks for that Serena wasting my time, then beat down the first noob to challenge me. 

I then headed into Santalune forest and caught my second mon in Weedle now named Stinger, I decided to switch in P-Idgy to get some levels in the forest full of bugs. I come across my second nemesis in Youngster Joey who had a Fletchling, my over confidence got the better of me as P-Idgy who used Tackle first twice for some reason didn't go first on the third attack and payed with it with her life. Switching in Stinger to get the experience poison sting wasn't enough to defeat Fletchling in one hit and Fletchling hit a crit hit on Stinger to take him down to 1 hp, taking no chances I switched in FoxTrot to finish the match.

Heading onto route 3 I needed to get a replacement for P-Idgy and unfortunately the first mon to appear was Azurill who I really don't rate but I need a water type so caught her anyway naming her Azi. Not feeling confident with Azi I headed to route 22 to see if my luck could get any better. I was challenged by a Rising Star who had a Litleo perfect time for Azi to prove herself, or not as Azi lost to ember, not risking Stinger I switched in FoxTrot for the win. Now I needed a third again going in search for a decent mon, unfortunately a decent mon didn't appear but Bidoof did to become my new third mon, named Doofy. Defeated all the trainers on route 22 to evolve Stinger into a Beedrill and levelled up FoxTrot for the first gym leader Viola who I doubt with with no casualties.

So I lost two team mates in P-Idgy and Azi and finished with Bidoof (Doofy) on lv 9, Beedrill (Stinger) on lv 11 and Fennekin (FoxTrot) on lv 14. Gonna have to start playing a bit more carefully in the future can not afford to lose two mon a post all my adventure will be a short one. Richee

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