Thursday, 28 April 2016

Richee's Pokemon Nuzlocke #7

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I reached Coumarine City and got myself a good rod (ooh err). I decided to take to the sea on Lappy to see if there was any goodies to be had. I reached Azure Bay and got attacked by a Tentacool, who was easy to catch - welcome to the team, Jelly. I reached the sea spirits den, which didn't have a lot going for it, so I evolved Nidoo into Nidoqueen with a moon stone. Now that I have a good rod, I headed back to Shalour City to see what I could catch and got a Chinchou - again, welcome to the team, AngelChu. Man, I have far too many water types.
So I hopped on to the monorail an went to the fourth gym. My rival Serena wanted another battle and I'm starting to feel bad about how badly I'm beating her. So after crushing her for, what, the sixth time?, I deposit Tiny Turt, as I don't want to risk him in a grass type gym and got Gobe out, my Ninjask if you had forgotten. After dealing with the rope swings and all the pokemon rangers I reached Ramos, ready to collect my fourth badge. Gobe is out first for me, as he has been tearing it up in this gym. Ramos sent out the pitiful Jumpluff. After mocking the Jumpluff the battle began with Gobe using cross scissor to take Jumpluff down to half life, and Jumpluff used aerial ace to one hit Gobe. Well, that was shocking, I was not expecting to lose anyone in this gym. Luckily I still have Shedinja, you will live on in him Gobe. Lappy took down Jumpluff with ice beam, then Big Bob took down Weepinbell. Ramos sent out his last 'mon in Go-Goat, and I sent out Shedinja to slowly beat Go-Goat down to get me my fourth badge.

So after releasing Gobe I carried on to route 13, with everything crossed that a Gible will pop up first. Garchomp is in my opinion the best pokemon there is for looks and type. But luck wasn't with me and Trapinch popped up. Same type as Gible, just no where near as cool, but I can't be picky who I catch, so lets welcome Jaws to the team. We found Team Flare messing around with the power plant, so we beat them all to sort out the power problem. I head back to Lumiose City where I can now challenge the fifth gym leader. Richee 

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