Monday, 25 April 2016

Richee's Pokemon Nuzlocke #6

 Background by Lil-Riku

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So on to the third gym, which is full of fun fighting types. Hera is first out to boost some levels before I reach Korrina. The first scrub went down easily enough and then the second put Hera up to level 25. Next up, a youngster who has a level 30 Heracross, well my Hera knows aerial ace, so bring it on punk. Aerial ace hit the Heracross hard, taking it down to a third of it's life, then the worst thing that could have happened happened, COUNTER freaking counter, so yeah my secret weapon Hera is done. Three trainers in and Tiny Turt goes out to finish the youngster off and evolve in to Blastoise, also Nidoo evolved into Nidorina oh yeah.
So one more noob to go before I face Korrina. I try out Shedinja, who is only level 24, but luckily for him none of the pokemon he faced can hit him. Then I faced Korrina, and her first 'mon couldn't land a hit on Shedinja, but she switched to Machoke, and I left Shedinja out. I learnt to my dismay that Machoke knows rock tomb, but luckily the attack missed. I switched Shedinja out for Nidoo who took care of Machoke, then Korrina brought out Hawlucha. I brought out Sparky and took him down pretty quickly. Korrina went back to her first 'mon, so I sent Shedinja back out to finish him off and get my third badge.

So back to the mega tower to beat Korrina again, this time with her own Lucario, who joins me on my journey (his name will be Lucha-Rio). We headed to route 12 where I'm given a Lapras, who I named Lappy (imaginative I know), and this gave me twelve 'mons, so I have a back up team if the worst ever happened and I wipe. I headed out with my Shedinja, Nidoo, Sparky, Lucha-Rio, Big Bob and Tiny Turt. I stole a Skiddo from the farm but got disappointed when I got to the stairs, which Skiddo can't climb. So much for my plan to steal Skiddo.  

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