Thursday, 21 April 2016

Richee's Pokemon Nuzlocke #5

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So my journey continued in to the Reflection Cave, ready to batter some other trainers and catch a new team mate. One of the first trainers I came across had one of my fighting types in Throh. His bulldoze messed up FoxTrot but he pushed through to get the victory. The first Pokemon to appear was a Carbink, the rock/fairy type. Fairy types are an interesting concept to me as they still a weird anomaly. Anyway, I caught him and named him Rok Ting. So I've got my fairy type now, but I'm not sure how useful Rok Ting will be though.

So on to the next trainer, Blackbelt Igor, who had the fighting type opposite to Throh in Sawk. Again I played FoxTrot, hoping a single psybeam would be enough. After the first psybeam took Sawk down to a quarter of it's hp, he in turn used bulldoze which hit just as hard. Thinking I would still have the speed advantage I went for another psybeam, unfortunately that one bulldoze slowed Foxtrot down too much and Sawk went first, using bulldoze again to bump of my starter. I sent out Tiny Turt to finish Sawk, not wanting to risk one of my other 'mon.
After a few more battles, Sparky evolved into Manetric and I found my way out of the Reflection Cave with no more casualties. I got to Shalour City and bid farewell to FoxTrot and got Shedinja out as his replacement for the next gym. First though, I headed of to the Tower of Mastery to find out about the mega ability. The guru only had one mega bracelet available so I had to beat Serena again to get it. Before I went to the gym I went to route 12 just to see if I could catch another useful 'mon for the upcoming fighting gym, getting extremely lucky with Heracross, a fighting/bug type, who was easy to catch. I named her Hera, and she should be handy for this gym as she knows aerial ace and can be taught rock tomb to hopefully take down Korrina's Hawlucha.

So I deposited Big Bob knowing he wouldn't be much use in a fighting type gym and went in with Shedinja, Gobe, Rok ting, Hera, Sparky and Tiny Turt, to try and win my third badge. Richee

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