Monday, 18 April 2016

Richee's Pokemon Nuzlocke #4

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So returning to Ambrette town, the eggheads at the lab turned my Jaw fossil into a Tyrunt aka Rex. So across the lower route of route 8 to Cyllage City, where an ace trainer in a Pokecenter wants to trade a Steelix for a Luvdisc (fool!), so I head to the oceans edge with my old rod and catched the needed Luvdisc for the trade. He named the Steelix Thumper. The bonus experience she gets from being traded will be useful as a back up to my first team.
The second gym leader Grant resides here, so I headed to the gym Gunkette out front, as I'm pretty sure fighting goes over rock type. One take down later by Grants Amaura and I'm a fighting 'mon down. In goes Big Bob to take down Amaura after Grant dragged the match out with two hyper potions, then Tiny Turt took care of his Tyrunt to get me my second badge, oh yeah!

So having released Gunkette, I've taken out Rex. His stats aren't favourable though, so he will be a part of the back up team. I went on to route 10 hoping for an Eevee who are around here but quite elusive, but an Electrike decided to say hi and I caught him with little effort, getting me a much needed electric type named Sparky. Reaching Geoseng Town with not much to see apart from some rocks.
We moved on to route 11 and I bump in to Korrina and her Lucario's. She wants to battle and Fox Trot hasn't had a work out in a while, so his psychic ability came in useful here. With Korrina defeated I came across one of my favourite first gen 'mons in Nidoran. Nidoqueen was one of my original team from Blue that I got to lv 100. I reached Reflection cave which I will traverse next time in my next Pokemon adventure. Richee

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