Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Richees Best and Worst Wrestlemania 2016 Moment's

 So Wrestlemania has come and gone with some shocking out comes, some title changes and a moment which made me want to punch my TV, so here are a few moments from the show which I feel deserve a mention.

Shock of the night goes to Zack Ryder, who managed to beat 6 other men up a ladder to grab the Intercontinental Championship. I had pipped Kevin Owens to retain his title but Sami Zayn took him out of the match slamming him head first onto a ladder, then the Miz would take out Zayn leaving him the sole person in the ring, but he took to long opting to pose for the crowd, giving Ryder the opportunity he needed to push Miz off the top of the ladder and nab the title for himself, for 24 hours at least, as the Miz then took the title on the following nights Raw.
Match of the night goes to the women, who were finally competing for a title worth holding in the Women's Championship, having finally ditched that ghastly Diva's title. Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch and champ Charlotte put on a excellent match, bringing what they did on NXT to the grandest stage of them all. The end of the match was dubious, as Rik Flair held onto Sasha Banks as she tried to brake up Charlotte's figure-eight leg lock, which forced Becky to tap out.
Rage inducing moment goes to the Rock. I'm starting to dread the Rock's appearances, after ridiculing an interviewer at last years Rumble for not asking the right question's for his "cousin" Roman Reigns. This time however he took ages to announce the attendance record, coming out with a flame thrower to light his name on fire. This man was just lacking the charisma that made him a stand out back in his day. Things would only get worse as the Wyatts would come out to intimidate Rock. This, however, would back fire as the Rock would challenge a member to a impromptu match, and so up step's Erick Rowan to suffer a Rock bottom and a loss in six freaking seconds. Cena then appeared to take care of Bray and Braun with the Rock, again making the Wyatt's as intimidating as the Right To Censor were back in their day. 

Moment of the night, to end on a happy note, was The New Day's entrance, appearing in a giant box of Booty-O's. They emerged in Sayain armour from the popular Dragon Ball Z anime. Then, to put the cherry on top, the camera pans to the crowd to show the Team Four Star group giving those guys some well deserved exposure (Dragon Ball Z Abridged is amazing and you should go watch it now). Of course, the end of the match was pretty special, as HBK, Mick Foley and Austin would come out to put the League of Nation in their place.
So there's my Wrestlemania moments. I enjoyed the show but the fact it was five hours long with a two hour long pre-show maybe was a bit too much, as I did get fatigued and went to bed before the main event because I was equal parts tired and equal parts pissed off with the handling of the Wyatts. Final Verdict for the entire show would be 6/10: for me it didn't have the feel of most Wrestlemania's and left me wanting a little more extravagance. What did you guys think, let us know in the comments or get in touch with us on Twitter @Richeeandlayla. Richee

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