Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Listen to His and Hers Movie Reviews Vol. 20 on 8tracks

You know what vol. 20 means? That's 200 episodes of His and Hers Movie Reviews. Thanks for listening guys! This volume sees the continuation of the eclectic films we watch and their equally eclectic soundtracks. We start with Teamheadkicks "Deadpool Rap", which started off as a fan made song, and lead onto standout tracks from the likes of 10 Cloverfield Lane and Batman v Superman. My favourite has to be Riz Ortolani's iconic opening theme to the controversial video nasty Cannibal Holocaust. Richee discribes it as "being so weird and out place, in a way it worked perfectly". Have a listen and let us know what song is your favourite.

You can listen to our 8tracks here, and you can also download it for android and ios. You can find out more about 8tracks here.

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