Monday, 18 April 2016

DVD Roundup: Dark Side edition

While there was, and still is, people who were skeptical about how good J.J. Abrams Star Wars was going to be, the biggest relief was that it wasn't shit. In fact, it was pretty good. Pretty damn good. In fact, we named it our Film of the Year in our End of Year Award Show. While people will always have criticism, especially in terms of how similar it was to the original trilogy, you cannot deny that The Force Awakens is a truly enjoyable film, and Abrams more than made up for the disaster that was the prequel trilogy. The only thing that I fear is that Disney will now bombard us with Star Wars films, and make it kind of boring and unspecial. Still, I'm definitely looking forward to the sequel. That cliff hanger! Listen to our podcast review in the player below.

Having its premier on VOD back in February, The Survivalist is now available to own on DVD and Blu-Ray. A much more chilling and subtle retelling of the post-apocalypse, this British film is not as load and brash as Mad Max, but fully absorbs you, even in its quieter moments. Definatly worth a watch, and make sure to listen to our full review in our podcast review below.

Based on the novel by James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge, Zoo looks at a world where there seems to be a infection similar to 28 Days Later's rage virus, turning all animals apart from homo sapiens into vicious killers. While I've not been able to view season one during its TV run, I was immediately intrigued by its premise, where the animals seem to develop targeted attacks on the humans. The only problem is I might start cheering the animals on too much.

If your a fan of experimental documentaries, then make sure to check out Eureka's limited edition four disc box set of Dziga Vertov films. Including the iconic Man with a Movie Camera (named the 6th best film ever in 2012 by Sight and Sound), as well as four other films, maybe the part makes the box set worth it is the in depth look into the life and work of Vertov by scholar Ian Christie, which I imagine will be an indispensable guide to those unfamiliar with the Russian great.

If L. J. Spence's post in March about the upcoming release of American DVD titan's Criterion official venture into the UK whetted your appetite, then wait no more, as they have final released the start of their collection. Renowned for the over abundance of extra features, 6 films have been selected to make their UK debut. The one I'm looking forward to re watching is Albert Maysles Grey Gardens; the Criterion collection includes the usual directors commentary and trailers, but also the sequel The Beales of Grey Gardens, as well as an interview with Little Edie, plus their lingering influence on fashion.

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