Wednesday, 23 March 2016

The Division PS4 Review

Ubisoft's highly anticipated shooter Tom Clancy's The Division came out on the 8th March to high praise and the best sales on day of release for any Ubisoft game. But we've been burned by Ubisoft before (who remembers Watch Dogs and the failed promises?), which leaves the question; does The Division deliver?

The story revolves around New York City after it has been hit by a deadlier form of smallpox. You play as a Division agent who has been activated to bring control back to New York's government. The city is currently over run by three gangs: The Cleaners, a group trying to purge the disease with flamethrowers and brute force; Rikers, escaped convicts from Riker prison; and the Last Man Battalion, a group of disgruntled soldiers who broke off after the loss of the dark zone. Also, there is the the mystery revolving around what happened to the first wave of Division agents who have disappeared. 
The story is interesting and plays well into contemporary fears with pandemics, a terrifying possibility. All the clans are interesting, with backstories you can piece together with the multiple collectibles. The game play it's self can get quite repetitive, as almost everything is shoot some one or protect some thing by shooting some one. Encounters and side missions can also get repetitive as they're all quite similar. The RPG element is neither here nor there. It was nice making your own character, but the creative options given were minimal, but there is a wide range of clothes to dress your agent up in though. The visuals are brilliant, as should be expected with what the consoles can do nowadays.

Final verdict a high 6/10: the game is enjoyable with lots of collectible bits, but the game gets boring when playing alone and even when playing with friends the game doesn't offer much variety. The dark zone is an intriguing concept but has some flaws. In the end I'd say the game is nothing more than a distraction while you wait for some thing better. Richee


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