Monday, 7 March 2016


So Kindergarten Cop was a action comedy of the nineties, back when Arnie was dipping his toes into more comedic roles, and I for one really enjoyed the film. It had just the right balance of silliness and darkness to balance the film out, with Arnie on form in both aspects, and Richard Tyson played the villain really well. This film also rounds itself up nicely, not leaving itself open for any kind of sequel.

So imagine my surprise when I see one of my friends commenting on the release of Kindergarten Cop 2, released straight to DVD. It's so far under the radar that it had dug itself a ten foot ditch to hide in, with virtually no one realizing this was even a thing until it dropped. Having watched the trailer, the film looks like it's just a mash up of all the good scenes from the original with a tact on story about stolen data thrown in.

The film stars Dolph Lundgren this time round playing the titular character who got more then he bargained for with the toddlers. Dolph himself looks like he is just there for the pay check, running though the motions doing his best Arnie impressions. It's been twenty six years since the original came out and it just seems odd to do a sequel for it now, leading me to think the only way this film ever got made is because of the title, with the slim possibility that there was a small minority out there who wanted a sequel to the original. This is clearly a cash grab from all involved, milking a title of what little dignity it had left. For shame! Richee

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