Thursday, 17 March 2016

Hot Bot (2016) - Netflix Review

 Oh, why do I do this to myself? A film called Hot Bot, really Richee? I apparently have far too much time on my hands. I originally planned to make The Layla watch this while I fled, laughing as I went, then I saw a certain Donald Faison's name pop up in the credits, then Anthony Anderson (less surprised about Anderson because he has done some awful films in his time). So, I decided I had to take this bullet to see how low Donald Faison had sunk since Scrubs finished.

So the film follows a couple of friends, Limus (Doug Haley) and Leonard (Zack Pearlman). They are both unlikeable losers who are stuck in a dead end job. On the drive home from work Leonard runs over the the Hot Bot "Bardot" (Cynthia Kirchner), a state of the art sex robot, who has been purchased by Senator Biter but has escaped. Unaware she is a robot, and thinking they have murdered some poor woman, they take her back to Limus' house where Leonard suggests Linus have his way with the dead girl. Fortunately, Linus isn't a scum bag and just goes to sleep. As he wakes up he finds the girl missing, and phones Leonard thinking they might have a zombie on their hands. Upon finding Bardot in the bathroom they discover their brains might be safe but their virginity's could be in trouble. Then hi-jinks ensue.
You may be asking, what about Donald Faison? He has a small part as Limus' dad and he doesn't do anything to embarrass himself other then being in this film. Doug Haley, the lead in the film, is passable playing the nerdy shy kid and is possibly the best of a bad bunch in this film. Zack Pearlman plays his extremely unlikeable friend and comes off as the poor man's Jonah Hill. Same can be said about Cynthia Kirchner who plays an emotionless robot very well, looking like a poor man's Milla Jovovich. Anthony Anderson plays one of the agents hunting down Bardot and does enough to earn a pay check.

The story is predictable and the later part of the film just seems to drag it's feet as the film stumbles from scene to scene, with a final chase scene that is just so dull, with the good guys taking a gentle jog from the evil agents. Adding in the plot hole that is Bardot getting her memory completely wiped yet still some how remembering Linus "because of love", I guess. But the biggest problem with this juvenile comedy is it's not funny. Not once did I laugh through this entire film, which leads me to rate this film a 2/10; unlikeable characters, a boring plot, plus the fact it isn't funny it's easy to rate this a very bad film, and one you shouldn't waste your time with.


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