Tuesday, 8 March 2016


Broforce is this months free game for PlayStation plus members. The game has been in development since 2012 by Free Lives, with the ability to play it on early access through Steam. The game, however, only got it's release in October of last year, with a story mode which features extraterrestrials resembling those pesky Xenomorphes from the Alien film franchise, and the army of Satan himself, who has taken a disliking to the Bro's meddling in his plans.

The game is a straight forward side scrolling shooter with trial and error style game play. Giving you the option to go all guns blazing or the more stealthy approach of going under or over obstacles, as almost everything in the game is destructible. You unlock more characters/Bros the more you rescue through out the multiple stages. 
The game has a great cast of iconic characters like Rambo/Rambro to Ashley Williams/Ashley Brolliams from the Evil Dead franchise. The game is equally enjoyable and frustrating, with the one hit deaths coming thick and fast. I found myself dying mostly to falling boulders, which is very frustrating as it's down to me being overly trigger happy and not paying close enough attention to my surroundings. Also, the game would pause at the start of every level, which caused much frustration (and death).

The game has a great look and great details, and one of my favourite's came later on in the game. When you start a level you get dropped in through a portal, and upon starting one of the levels as Ashley Brolliams he comes through the portal with his classic car reminiscent of the first scenes in Army of Darkness. It's just little things like that which make this game so enjoyable. Final verdict 7/10: the game is good fun with some replay ability leaving me wanting to unlock all the characters before I stop playing. Quite early on in the game there was a random cut scene for one of the random grunt villains of him growing up. It was out of nowhere but really fun and silly, and I feel the game needed a few more moments like that. It's definitely worth your time though if you have PS Plus or love the classic action characters of the eighties and nineties. Richee

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