Tuesday, 9 February 2016


Ben Stiller is back as the really, really, ridiculously good looking Derek Zoolander, but he has fallen on hard times since his last outing in 2001. With his School for Kids Who Can't Read Good collapsing and killing his wife, plus his son being taken away, Derek has become a recluse. However, when an opportunity to make a fashion come back, as well as see his son again, comes into reach, Derek finds himself traveling to Rome. With the previous stars of the last film, Owen Wilson and Will Ferrell, returning, as well as new cast and cameo's including Penelope Cruz, Kristen Wiig, Justin Beiber and Neil deGrasse Tyson, Zoolander 2 is a silly and laugh out loud comedy. Whose for frozen-choco-latte-gelato??!!

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