Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Richees Wasteland Journal #9

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Dear Diary,

It's been a while, but I've been very busy. I caught up to the Institute and found out what happened to Shaun, all what the Institute would like me to believe, but I won't buy into any of there nonsense. I vowed to take them down for the Railroad, allowing the Synths to lead their own lives. I was hoping I could manipulate the Institute into a war with the Brotherhood of Steel, but my hand got forced when the Brotherhood found out where the Railroad was hiding and attacked them, leading the Railroad to have to deal with both threats.

So taking down the Brotherhood was simpler then expected. After fending off the attack on the Railroad base, Deacon, Tinker Tom and myself headed up to the Brotherhood's air base in a stolen vertibird. We sneaked on board and planted some bombs to bring that bitch down. On my way out I ran in to leader Maxson, who I had to take down myself. Many life's were lost on the base, but they left us little choice. We knew that the Brotherhood wouldn't stop until all Synths were killed, and the rest of Boston were left trembling under their boot.

There was no rest to be had. As soon the Brotherhood was dealt with it was time to take the fight to the Institute, teleporting in and attacking at the same time as the renegade Synths on the inside. The Institute didn't stand a chance. I found their leader, their so called "Father", on his death bed. He thought I would happily take over from him when he passed, but after everything they did to me, taking everything from me, I wanted nothing to do with them. Blowing up the Institute's base and ending their path of enslaving the Synths and secretly ruling over Boston in there little base. I have no doubt some of the members escaped but they don't stand much of a chance in the Boston wasteland.

So having ended my search for answers I will continue fighting the good fight in Boston, to help the oppressed and the needy, to help them how I can. I have the feeling there's still a lot of work to be done and lots of people in need. Richee

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