Saturday, 27 February 2016

It's A Big Year For Pokemon

So big things are happening with Pokemon this year. Not only is it their twentieth anniversary for the original game, which is now being re-released to 3DS. Plus the Pokemon Go beta should be coming out in the month of March. Also, a couple new games have been announced at the end of the year, Pokemon Sun and Moon.
So first, lets talk about the re-released versions of Blue, Red and Yellow on the 3DS. They are up now on the Nintendo E-store for £8.99, and they are the original versions from twenty years a go. And it might just be my bitterness towards Nintendo, but it just reeks of a cash grab to me. Plus, I still have the original Blue version, so if there's no benefits to getting it on 3DS, there is no purpose for me to buy it. I suppose if you're young or never played it originally it may be good, but with the graphics as dated as they are, will they wan to?
Now on to the game I'm most excited for, Pokemon Go, a free to play game on your mobile device, with in-game purchases. This has the ability to be brilliant but also awful if they do the usual in-game-purchases-control-everything, and they expect you to drop ridiculous amounts of money for in-game coins or gold. But what I'm hoping for is a simple game which allows me to travel around my local town and countryside and look like a right tit with my phone.
The new game Pokemon Moon and Sun, however, have nothing announced yet apart from the title. Lets hope they don't add any more Pokemon and just leave the 700. The new professor can give us 3 random starters from the previous games, also there is a decent safari zone again, as I loved the original aspect of it; searching for Kangaskhan and Tauros took up most my time in the original game's. The idea of there being more Pokemon I dread, as it's pretty much unachievable to catch that many unless you are the most hardcore of hardcore fans.

So that is what we've got to look forward to this year. I'm just wondering how long it will take for Nintendo to actually just make a Pokemon MMORPG for their main console, which is pretty much all I want now and would be the only reason I would buy a Wii U. Richee

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