Monday, 22 February 2016


Come on, lets face it, the Bond films are predictable. While Spectre is certainly not the worst Bond film, you do find yourself going through the motions, waiting for the tropes to happen. Perhaps the most unforgivable part of this film however is the complete under use of Christoph Waltz as the bad guy. If you are a Bond-o-phile though, then this film will satisfy you, but for us it was just too little too late, especially after the onslaught of spy films we had last year. Check out our podcast review in the player below.

Do you remember when cannibals were the scariest monsters out there? Eli Roth certainly does, as he has created a homage to the famous gory "snuff films" of the early 80s, especially Cannibal Holocaust, which had a film-within-a-film called The Green Inferno, which Roth has so brazenly swiped for this film. While the general consensus for this film seems to be "there's lots of blood!", Green Inferno has been generating a lot of bad reviews too. With a mini cannibal theme going on this February, with my Anthropophagus review and our Bone Tomahawk review out tomorrow, let us know if you want us to carry on the trend and review Green Inferno.

Based on the book by Gillian Flynn (who also wrote Gone Girl), Dark Places see's Charlize Theron face the fact that maybe her brother, who she testified against, isn't part of a satanic death cult who killed her mother and sisters, and that the killer may still be out there. Receiving a very small cinematic release, maybe the most noticeable thing about this film is the worthy cast, which also includes Nicholas Hoult, Chloe Grace Moretz and Christina Hendricks. Unfortunately, like Green Inferno, Dark Places has also received mainly negative reviews, and is probably mainly for those that really love the murder mystery genre.

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