Monday, 8 February 2016


Ridley Scott had one of this more successful turns as director in last years The Martian, all about an astronaut, played by Matt Damon, who has to "science the shit" out his situation after he is left on Mars for dead. While this film has been popular with a lot of people, but I found it a bit too lighthearted. I suppose I was looking for more of a real-life, how would this actually play out, kind of affair. Still, if you like your sci-fi with a dash of disco music, then this film is for you. Check out our podcast review in the player below.

I had a friend tell me that they took their son to see this in the cinema, and they hated every minute of it. What more can you say? Pan serves as a prequel to J. M. Barrie's famous Peter Pan story, to see what his life was like before he joined the lost boys. Despite this promising premise, the negative press really gave this film a beating, with accusations ranging from it being lifeless to whitewashing, which meant that this potential summer blockbuster was left for dead in the cinemas.

 Another film that slipped quietly under the radar was Yorgos Lanthimos'
 unusual take on a love story that is The Lobster. Starring Colin Farrell, our
 protagonist has the find the love of his life in 45 days or find himself cast
 into the wild as a beast. A unique and original take on the rom-com,
 lambasting the desperate need for a partner that is present in those films, this
 is a film I am looking forward to seeing.

Re-release of the week has to go to the superbly titled Cannibal Women in the Avocado Jungle of Death. I'm desperate to see it purely because of that title. Originally released in 1989, the plot see's a feminist university professor employed to track down the Piranha Women of the Avocado Jungle, but unfortunately her guide is a male chauvinist pig, and of course they get into loads of arguments. Excellent!

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