Monday, 25 January 2016

Royal Rumble 2016 Results and Reviews

This years Rumble had the tag line "one vs all", as Roman Reigns had to defend his title in the largest match of the year. The pre-show featured a fatal four way tag match, with the winners getting a place in the Rumble. Mark Henry and Jack Swagger would pick up the win in a very uneventful match, with the standout moments being Damian Sandows return to the ring and Mark Henry responding to sexual chocolate chants by shaking his hips.

The Rumble kicked off big with the I.C. title last man standing match between Kevin Owens and Dean Ambrose. The match was entertaining, with some good spots like Owens hitting the cannonball on Ambrose against the time keeper's area, then some nice use of chairs and tables. The main problem I had with this match was the predictability; you knew what was gonna happen two steps ahead of time. The ending also felt lackluster, with Ambrose pushing Owens off the top rope through two tables. You know these two could do so much more in this stipulation, but the PG shackles prevent them from letting loose, unfortunately.

Next up saw the tag team champions the New Day take on the Uso's with Xavier Woods bringing out the latest member of the New Day, Francesca 2. This whole match was a delight, with both teams performing above and beyond, but the New Day just keep taking it to the next level. Some of the reversals they performed were technically beautiful. Big E is an absolute beast with his spear through the ropes, then the finish with Big E catching Jey in mid super splash for the big ending was superb, giving them a well earned win.

The rubber match between Alberto Del Rio and Kalisto was up next, with both men having a title win a piece. Del Rio was putting up the U.S. title to show he truly is the best Mexican wrestler in the WWE. This match was again enjoyable, not knowing what was going to happen, or who was gonna win, which always adds to any match. Both men had a great match, minus one slip up during a sunset flip-esque move by Kalisto saw him take a nasty fall, landing straight onto the top of his head. Both men had multiple near falls, and you were just waiting for the big finish, with each man escaping possible ending moves, with the end coming after Del Rio removed a turn buckle cover but ultimately ended up paying for it. Taking a hurricanrana into the exposed turnbuckle then the solita del sol gave Kalisto the win and crowed him the new U.S. champion.

The "divas" were up next with Charlotte defending her title against Becky Lynch. Becky was strong out the gates, only losing her momentum when Ric Flair grabbed a cheeky kiss, which earned him a slap from Becky but gave Charlotte the opportunity to take control. The match would continue to go back and fourth through out, but Ric would again distract Becky after she locked in the disarm-her, forcing her to break the lock then losing the match of off a spear by Charlotte. After the match, Charlotte would attack Becky, but this brought out the Boss Sasha Banks. After some back and fourth between the two, making you think they might be cool, Sasha hit the Banks Statement on Charlotte, putting Sasha in the frame for a match.

Now for the actual Royal Rumble match. I'm gonna list the entrants and their eliminations first, then put my thoughts at the end. I was pulling for Brock Lesnar to win the rumble, with Layla hoping Owens could over come his early loss to win the whole thing.

1st-Roman Reigns Eliminated 28th by Triple H
2nd-Rusev Eliminated 1st by Reigns
3rd-AJ Styles Eliminated 11th by Owens
4th-Tyler Breeze Eliminated 2nd by AJ and Reigns
5th- Curtis Axel Eliminated 3rd by AJ
6th-Jericho Eliminated 26th by Ambrose
7th-Kane Eliminated 9th by Braun
8th-Goldust Eliminated 4th by Titus
9th-Ryback Eliminated 8th by Big Show
10th-Kofi Kingston Eliminated 6th by Jericho
11th-Titus O'Neill Eliminated 7th by Big Show
12th-R-Truth Eliminated 5th by Kane
13th-Luke Harper Eliminated 19th by Lesnar
14th-Stardust Eliminated 14th by Harper
15th-Big Show Eliminated 10th by Braun
16th-Neville Eliminated 13th by Harper
17th-Braun Strowman Eliminated 20th by Lesnar
18th-Kevin Owens Eliminated 12th by Sami
19th-Dean Ambrose Eliminated 29th by Triple H
20th-Sami Zayn Eliminated 16th by Braun
21st-Erick Rowan Eliminated 17th by Lesnar
22nd-Mark Henry Eliminated 15th by Harper, Rowan and Braun
23rd-Brock Lesnar Eliminated 21st by Harper, Rowan, Braun and Bray
24th-Jack Swagger Eliminated 18th by Lesnar
25th-The Miz Eliminated 22nd by Reigns
26th-Del Rio Eliminated 23rd by Reigns
27th-Bray Wyatt Eliminated 25th by Triple H and Sheamus
28th-Dolph Ziggler Eliminated 24th by Triple H
29th-Sheamus Eliminated 27th by Reigns
30th-Triple H Winner of the Rumble

So the Rumble had some nice spots, surprisingly with Truth grabbing a ladder thinking the title would be up there. Kofi got thrown over the top rope but landed on Big E's shoulders, who then carried him around to cheers from the crowd. Then the response for A.J. was awesome, and he had a good run in the Rumble but couldn't hit the Styles Clash unfortunately. On the down side, the League of Nations jumped Reigns early on: pulling him under the bottom rope to beat him up then not throwing him back in to the dogs was beyond infuriating for me. The Wyatts got it right, jumping Brock then throwing him out. Why couldn't Sheamus and his goons figure it out? I do feel the Rumble has lost some of it's charm, as everything is leaked nowadays. Also I feel Triple H winning shows how little faith they have in the current roster to hold the title, even if it only temporary gives someone a shot. Give us something shocking - it's what the fans want.

All in all, a really good show with all the matches being well worked by everyone involved, but the Rumble still leaves a nasty taste in my mouth. It wasn't as bad as last year, but it shows the company still isn't in sync with the common fan. Final rating 7/10. Richee

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