Sunday, 10 January 2016

Richees Wasteland Journal #8

The continued adventure's of Richee's wasteland survivor. Check out the previous installments here.

Dear Diary,

Man, the Glowing Sea was far more inhospitable then I thought it would be, with the ghouls, Radscorpions and far too many Deathclaws for my liking. However, I got through it with Deacon by my side. We found a splinter group of the Children of the Atom, who didn't attack me on the spot for a change, they actually helped me find the Doctor I was looking for. Looking worse for wear, you wouldn't have guessed this was the guy who worked for the Institute by looking at him. Lets say the radiation from the Glowing Sea hadn't helped his complexion.

After making a deal with the Doc he let me know what was needed to infiltrate the Institute's head quarters. I needed to find a Courser, a highly dangerous synth from the Institute, who are used as bounty hunters to bring back rogue synths. I tracked one down to the old C.I.T. building, going up against a massive gang of Gunners, who had stumbled across an escaped synth and were looking to cash in on her. After battling to the top of the building I engaged the Courser, who had a stealth boy which made this fight a lot harder then I would have liked, but I took him down and got the component I need for Tinker Tom.

As I explore the wasteland of Boston I wonder if humanity is too far gone, with the gunners, raiders and the gangs looking to take advantage of good people. Then my mind goes back to Shaun and what he must have seen in his short life, what the Institute have put him through. It's people like my companions who push me on to try harder. I've now cut off all contact with the Brotherhood of Steel, due to their ruthless actions to the survivors, just walking all over these people expecting their law to be obeyed (jerks). Richee

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