Saturday, 30 January 2016

Django / Zorro (the official sequel to Django Unchained) - Richee Review

Well this was a bit of a surprise for me, stumbling across this gem when in Forbidden Planet searching through the most recent graphic novels. It's a real treat to see a sequel to one of my favourite Tarantino characters, as Quentin never does sequels to his films. Teaming up with Matt Wagner's Zorro, both of the characters work really well together.

The story follows Django, now a bounty hunter, who uses Diego De La Vega as bait for a bounty, unaware he is in the presence of the legendary sword fighter Zorro. Django is hired as Diego's bodyguard to help with bringing down the so called Archduke of Arizona, who has enslaved the local Native Americans for his own nefarious scheme, ruling over Arizona with an iron fist. Zorro plots out how to dethrone the Archduke while Django attempts to free the slaves from there oppressors.
The story is written very well, with neither character feeling like just a side kick to the other; they both have there own agenda's but the same main mission. We find out along the way that Django isn't too bad with a whip or a sword, as he dons the mask and suit for a mission, even getting the chance to cut an enemy with a J (because the D is silent). The art work by Esteve Polls is excellent, not shying away from the gritty realism of the story and using bold colours to emphasise the situation.

This was an interesting collaboration that really works well for both writers and which could open doors for more collaborations, as Quentin says in the epilogue now Django is in the same world as Zorro this is also the same world with the Lone Ranger, so here's hoping for a Django/Tonto cross over. Aw hell, I'm hoping that Tarantino might even look into John Ruth's back story, as I would love to know more about the Hangman from The Hateful Eight. Final rating: 8/10. Very solid story with a classic character and a relatively new hero for the West coming together. Richee

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