Friday, 15 January 2016


So I may have been a bit critical of Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell after Fede Alvarez's abomination of a film, declaring that the Evil Dead franchise should just be left alone. I was left with little hope that the series would be any good, but when the trailer hit, the Evil Dead fan in me was over joyed seeing Campbell back as Ash putting, on a girdle and fighting Deadites, there was no way I couldn't watch this show.
So the story starts thirty years after the events of the last film (Army of Darkness), with Ash going back to his care free life as a shelf stacker (but not at S.Mart unfortunately). He unwittingly releases the evil of the Necronomicon during a drug fueled get together with some young lady. Having released the evil, Ash now needs to find a way to defeat what he unleashed. Strapping on his chainsaw and grabbing his trusty boom stick, he heads out to find answers with co workers/friends Pablo and Kelly by his side.

So that is a real brief synopsis on the story. The series also introduces cop Amanda (Jill Marie Jones) who thinks Ash is responsible for the murders that are happening, including that of her partner, and the mysterious Ruby (Lucy Lawless, who looks freaking amazing), who is chasing down Ash for the Necronomicon. Bruce Campbell is the man as Ash. It's the role he was born to play and even at the age of 57 he kicks ass. His new sidekick Pablo (Ray Santiago) is the comic support, thrust into this unthinkable carnage and doing his best to help, and is a fun character. I'd say Kelly (Dana Delorenzo) was my least favourite character; I just didn't think she was that interesting or well portrayed. She did grow on me a bit towards the end but not much.

The show was silly and fun, bringing back the humour from the films that works so well. My biggest gripe though is the CGI blood, as it looked so fake and out of place. The story worked, but was predictable in the "here's a new character, don't get to attached though as they won't be around by the end of the episode!" cliche. There was one truly shocking moment near the end of the show which I didn't see coming, as the story heads back to that cabin. All in all, I would say this show was a success, making all the fan boys like me happy again. Final verdict 7/10: this was a good show, some flaws but leaves me hopeful for the second season. Richee

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