Saturday, 12 December 2015

Ridiculous 6 (2015) His review

So the first of Adam Sandler's Netflix films came out on Friday, with a title parodying Quentin Tarantino's Hateful 8, and having it set in the old west. Sandler has managed to recruit an all star cast, not just of his usual bunch of friends but also Harvey Keitel, Danny Trejo, Nick Nolte and Luke Wilson.

So the story revolves around Adam Sandler (as always) as a white man taken in by Native Americans, going by the name White Knife. Things are good in his life, until his father, thought to be dead criminal Frank Stockburn, turns up, telling Knife his real name is Tommy and that he wants to leave his ill-gotten gains to Tommy and his adoptive family. Unfortunately, Frank's old team find him chasing the loot, which is partly their's. Frank goes with them to draw them away from Tommy and his family, but Tommy goes after him. Knowing his father is taking them on a wild goose chase, he decides to steal from the bad to save his father, and meets up with his five brothers along the way to help him succeed and to become the Ridiculous 6.
So that's a quick synopsis of the story, which to be fair isn't terrible. Unfortunately, almost every thing else in this film is. The acting is below par by everyone involved; a special mention goes to Taylor Lautner, who is damn near unwatchable as lil' Pete, a simpleton who gets far too much time when everyone else doesn't get enough. And as for Jorge Garcia, who is unrecognisable as Herm, he just grunts his way through the film. But my biggest gripe about the characters is that you have six brothers, who could each have a special ability, but no, Adam Sandler has to do everything, because hell, no one can anyone do anything interesting if Adam Sandler is in the film. This was also the main reason Pixels was so poor, because Sandler has to be the centre of the universe in everything he does. In Ridiculous 6, he performs some unbelievable feats of strength, speed and stealth, which they just brush of a mystical shit, on multiple occasions.

So final thoughts for this piss poor attempt at a comedy parody, which is parodying a film which hasn't even been released yet, is a 2/10. This film is abysmal. As I said, the acting is poor but the biggest flaw is the fact that in a nearly two hour comedy movie I chuckled once. That's right, I chuckled, not even laughed. It was a shock gag which I felt ashamed at chuckling about. The fact it was also at Lautners character just rubbed salt into the wounds, as he is laying on the floor with a carrot between his legs to make it look like he is getting fellated by a donkey to distract two bank robbers. As Sandler takes them both out he looks back to see Lautner with the carrot at head height with the donkey actually fellating him. So that's the one shock chuckle I had. Richee

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