Saturday, 26 December 2015

Richee's Wasteland Journal #7

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Dear Diary,

Man, how have these people stayed alive so long? Every time I go to a settlement, they're being attacked, or someones been kidnapped. Well I'm done. I'm hanging up my Generals hat. Screw you guys, and screw the Minutemen.

Back on to Shaun. I had a real freaky experience going into Kelloggs mind with Nick, and we got our biggest clue to where Shaun is, or could be yet. My next step is to find some quack who escaped the Institute and is hiding out in the Glowing Sea, which was ground zero when the nuke's hit Boston, and is one of if not the most inhospitable place in this wasteland.

Nick and Piper mentioned the Railroad, a group who help escaped Synthetics get a new life away from Boston and the Institute. After following the freedom road I managed to come across the Railroads hide out. Unfortunatly, their leader Desdemona didn't take to me, as I said I wouldn't take a bullet for a synth. I suppose having common sense goes against you in the Railroad. Luckily, Deacon told me another way to join the group.

So after having completed this mission, and finding out Deacon is a massive freaking liar, I was accepted into the Railroad and allowed to pick my own nickname; Bullseye, oh yeah! So now I've got a ton of missions from these guys to get through now, hopefully while doing these I'll be able to find some gear to help me through the Glowing Sea. Richee/Bullseye

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