Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Richee's Wasteland Journal #6

Follow the Richee's previous Fallout 4 journal's here. Contains spoilers...

Dear Diary,

My search for Shaun has finally taken a step in the right direction. Teaming up with Nick, and being led by Dogmeat's trusty nose, we managed to catch up to Kellogg, the guy who killed Nora and helped take Shaun. Held up in his base with a load of Institute synths, we fought our way to him and got the information we needed, and I got my revenge, taking that swine's life.

Nick and I have been building up a good partnership, solving cases together and kicking booties, so much so he shared his back story with me. Nick's memory comes from a cop from my time. Nick wants to be his own man/synth, though.

The search for answers took me to Goodneighbour, and a rather jolly, if deadly. distraction: A gentleman ghoul named Kent Connolly, who wants to bring law and justice back to the wasteland. I got to dress up as the Silver Shroud, and took my part maybe a bit to seriously, bringing down the hammer of justice on what ever scum Kent pointed me towards. Of course there was someone who was less then happy his friends were getting bumped off, but he soon faced justice and things got a bit too real for Kent, so we put our crime fighting ways behind us. For now.

Also found out you can't train Mirelurks. Luckily, I wasn't conducting the experiment; some poor sap called Rory was. And yeah, things didn't go well for him, but it meant I got to inherit his belongings. Thanks, Rory. Richee

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