Saturday, 12 December 2015

Richees Thoughts on Board James (YouTubers)

So Board James has been around for six years now, the character created by James Rolfes, who is also the Angry Video Game Nerd. In this series Board James solves his boredom by playing one of his many board games, with his two friends Motherfucker Mike and Bad Luck Bootsy. What starts off as a board game-esque review show soon takes a dark twist when in episode 19 James, is given the Dream Phone game by Bootsy. The phone ends up being a psychotic murderer. This leads to the deaths of Mike and Bootsy leaving Board James to take the rap for it.

Episode 20
starts with James up in his attic by himself looking for games to play to cure his boredom. James decides to use a Ouija board to try and find out what really happened in episode 19. He doesn't get any answers, but somehow get his friends Mike and Bootsy back. As the series goes on, disturbing things start to happen, from Mike and Bootsy fading in and out, to characters completely disappearing all together, leaving you wondering about James' sanity. In the final two episodes the show goes completely out there, as Bootsy and Mike discover James might be seriously sick and unable to figure out what is real and whats just a game. Then people start getting bumped off, which doesn't seem to do anything as they just seem to revive in a new board game world. 

So being how long this show has gone on for, it has come along way, being a lot more story driven in the last eight episodes leaving, you guessing with whats going on. The last episode in particular is made more disturbing by the fact while being tortured, the crew are also playing Candy Land, with music and shots of them all happy cutting in with them getting tortured through out the scene. I would highly recommend this series; Cinemassacre have released two bulk videos, the first season is only 45 minutes long with season two being a little over an hour. Coming into season three straight from the start might leave you a bit confused with whats happening in the later episodes.

The previous series have some really good episodes, with Mr Bucket from season one and Dream Phone from season two being the stand out episodes, and the final two episodes of season three which are disturbing yet enjoyable. James Rolfe has also posted a video explaining some of the more confusing elements of the third series, and what was going through his mind while doing the story. So if your a fan of You Tubers and somehow haven't heard of the Angry Video Game Nerd, or Board James, go check them out. Entertaining and interesting, if a tiny bit crude with toilet humour in A.V.G.N and the B-movie style effects seen in Board James every now and again. Richee

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