Friday, 4 December 2015

Maggie (2015) His Review

So the zombie genre rarely goes in any new direction, usually focusing on the survival aspect. Here though, Henry Hobson looks at the struggle between the Vogel family, as Maggie has been bitten and is slowly turning into a zombie. Father Wade tries to make her last days as comfortable as possible, while trying to deal with the upcoming loss of his daughter.

Maggie is an interesting idea and a nice take on an over saturated market. Main actors Abigail Breslin as Maggie and Arnold Schwarzenegger as Wade do well but aren't given any real chance to build on their characters, and remain 2D stereotype's. The supporting cast do really well, with Douglas M. Griffin and J.D. Evermore playing a pair of local cops; Griffen plays Ray, who is a friend to Wade and sympathises with what he is going through, and Evermore plays his partner Holt, who feels the rest of the town is at risk with Maggie out of quarantine, and who wants to ensure she is dealt with when necessary. Plus Jodie Moore is excellent as Dr Kaplan, even though he wasn't given enough screen time.
The story, while interesting, is very slow going and could have used a bit more action or at least some more threat to the characters. They have an interesting scene with Maggie nearing her end, watching Wade sleep and scampering of when he wakes up, but they don't really play on it. The end felt disappointing and felt a like a bit of a cop out.

Final verdict is 5/10: an average film with good ideas but doesn't really push any boundaries. Also, I feel like the Wade role shouldn't have gone to Arnie. As much as I love Arnie, he isn't known for his acting chops, and I feel original choice Paddy Considine would have been a much better fit for the role. Richee

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