Wednesday, 9 December 2015


So the second instalment of Marvels The Defenders origin series has been up on Netflix for a while now, and I finally got round to watching it (I actually power watched it over three days). So out of  the four origin stories, Jessica Jones is the one I know least about. I knew she was married to Luke Cage and they have a child together, but that's it. This is possibly why it's taken me so long to get round to watching it.

So the story follows Jessica Jones, a private detective for her own company Alias Investigation, just trying to get on with her life. But her latest case brings back a man she though was dead, who can control you with his mind and have you do anything he wants, by the name of Kilgrave. Jones is forced to try and bring him to justice, so a young girl named Hope doesn't go to jail for a crime he made her commit.

So the actors in this are awesome. Krysten Ritter is great as the no nonsense taking Jessica Jones, and Mike Colter as Luke Cage was everything I expected him to be. I was initially a bit sceptical of Cage being in this, as I thought it might take away from Jones' story, but it doesn't, and they work really well together (especially considering the dark secret Jones has connected to him...). Then there is the joy that is David Tennant playing Kilgrave. Tennant wouldn't be my first choice for a super villain but he works so well in this role. Arrogant and egotistical with immense power; he is delightfully evil.
The story does everything right, bringing in multiple side stories, linking the Avengers and other superheroes in this universe, leaving you wanting more after each episode. The setting is really dark, with Jones' apartment block having some really bizaar people living near her, mostly the relationship between two siblings living above her. Honestly, I don't want to spoil this because I loved it, the only things letting the show down (in my opinion) was the ending which I felt was anti-climatic, with the second to last episode having the big fight scene. Plus, Erin Moriarty as Hope was being just too much of a biatch; I know she blames Jones for what happened, but she did save her and is now trying to help her (so don't be such an ungrateful jerk!).

So final thoughts, I'd go 8/10: this was a really good show, very dark and intriguing, with great characters and story. A great step up from Daredevil, it will be interesting to see if they can do as well with Luke Cage and Iron Fist. This shows how good Marvel is when they can turn one of their least known super villains into this well written super-awesome villain. All the side characters had a purpose and were all so well acted. I feel Marvel have every thing they need to dominate the superhero market. So yeah, check it out. Richee

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