Thursday, 26 November 2015

Richee's Wasteland Journal #5

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Dear Diary

So I finally found you, diary. It's been a while and I've had lots of adventures ranging all over Boston, so I'm gonna journal my favourite ones. I'll start in Dunwich Bores, a mine filled with raider scum, then in the lower depths ghouls... hundreds of ghouls. The creepiest part about it was I suffered some weird hallucinations while down there, showing some weird cult and the human sacrifices they were doing.

The next adventure took me down to Jamaican Plains to look for the secret treasure. Finding a previous group of adventurers all deceased, I knew the treasure had to be worth the effort. I should mention the Irish hot head I have travelling with me named Cait. I found her and her manager being held by a group of raiders and I've been travelling with her since then. So we battled through the buildings defences from laser trip wires to Protectrons all blocking the way. Upon reaching the room we discovered that their treasures weren't quite what we were expecting but we took it any way. 

Cait and I then travelled to Vault 95 to try and cure her addiction to psycho. Taken over by the Gunners, I met my nemesis, a machine called the Assaultron, which has buzz saw hands and a powerful laser it shoots out of it's one, unblinking eye. Having dealt with that metal head a few stimpak's shorter and running low on ammo for my combat rifle, we ventured into vault 95 to find another bloody Assaultron flanked by Gunners. Somehow we survived, and we found out this vault was being used by Vault-tec to do tests on people with addictions, by taking drugs away from them for five years then opening up a storage room which had every drug an addict could ever want. We made it to the med bay which could cure Cait of her addiction.

Then comes the embarrassing part as Cait opened up to me about her feelings for me, and I expressed how I felt, because, hey, it's been two hundreds years and man has needs. But BOOM! Friend-zoned. After all I just went through for this woman, I get friend-zoned. I've left her behind now to go meet with Nick Valentine to stop wasting time and to find Shaun, who must be in his teens now with how much time I've wasted on the Minutemen and Cait. Richee

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