Thursday, 19 November 2015

Richee's Wasteland Journal #4

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Dear Diary

I found my second vault and, unlike the last, it wasn't full up with wannabe gangsters. Vault 81 is still going strong, the maintenance is constant, apparently, but most seem happy that they're safe from the wasteland. I do feel sorry for them though, as if anything was to go wrong (say if they were attacked by raiders) I wouldn't like their chance of survival. McNamara is the overseer and she runs a tight ship and seems decent enough. I've agreed to a few errands but nothing too challenging.

Unlike the Massachusetts state house, which was nearly the end of me. This place was a death trap containing Mirelurk's the size of a house and one who seemed to be their queen (and one which looked like a evil mutant crab from the Grognak comics). Mind you, I suppose none of them look too pleasant. After dealing with that and nearly growing a third arm due to the radiation, I stumbled across a bunch of raiders who had locked themselves away from the crab people.

I remember in the old days Hubris comics had a office around this area, and I felt that I should treat myself to some Silver Shroud memorabilia. Grognak is cool but the Shroud is my man, such a dark and gritty character. I was rewarded not only with the Shrouds full outfit and replica gun but a signed picture of the voice actor from The Unstoppables adventures. I also found a Grognak outfit, but that shows a little to much flesh for my liking.

While I was out searching though, the settlements were getting a bit unruly, and I'm starting to regret becoming Preston's main man for the Minutemen. Being general isn't all it's cracked up to be, especially with the complaining. IF YOU NEED MORE BEDS MAKE THEM YOURSELVES! How long have these people been surviving? And how, when their greatest problem is having to share a bed. Ok rant over, I do these things for progress. One of these people must know some thing about Shaun. Heading back to Diamond City with Piper, so Preston will have to deal with the settlements his self for a bit. Richee

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