Monday, 16 November 2015

Richee's Wasteland Journal #3

Read Richee's previous entries here. And yes, there are spoilers...

Dear Diary

It's been a few days and I've met a lot of new people, some of them nice and some of them controlling butt brains, but all helpful (I hope). So the not so helpful one is a Mr Handy, who has been reprogrammed into a bit of a stoner hippy called Professor Goodfeels. I could have tried altering him but I didn't have the heart.

I came across a strange broadcast asking for reinforcements at an old police station. On arrival I found alot of ghouls fighting Paladin Danse in his power armour. After a small skirmish, Danse asked for my help, which is becoming a occuring theme. Can these people do nothing by themselves, jeesh. Any who, we murdered some synths and got the thing he needed, and as a thank you he gave me his laser rifle and asked me to join the Brotherhood of Iron (or was it Steel?). As I'm kinda weighed down with the Minutemen and finding Shaun, I told him I had to think about it, plus he seemed to have a stick up his butt and I would dread to be round a group of people like that.

I then found a random mega store-esque place run by Mr Handy's. Some of them had gone a bit haywire, but they helped me out when I got jumped by some synths so they weren't all bad. Plus I found Mr Jangles, the moon monkey who now resides at Sanctuary.

I finally made it to Diamond City, where I met the peppy Piper, who's a journalist. I suppose you can't stop the press. She is having a few issues with the mayor though; she thinks he's a synth, but I can't tell though. She joined me in my adventure around Diamond City, as she knew the layout. For a town called Diamond City, though, the place was a bit run down, more of a shanty town then a city, but don't tell Piper I said that though. We went looking for Nick Valentine, a private eye with a knack for finding people, hoping he could point me in the right direction to finding Shaun.

However, Nick had been kidnapped, having stumbled onto something big, so guess who had to rescue him, that's right old muggins here. If it helps me find Shaun though has to be done, plus I got to look around another Vault, as he was being held in Vault 114. It was strange being underground again, those places give me the willy's. Nick said he would meet me in his office to try and help me as I was kind enough to shoot my way through a whole bunch of wanna be gangsters to rescue him.

And that's it. Most of the nice people/robot's I've met who didn't try to murder me instantly. Oh, plus dog has returned he's nestled comfortably in his dog house. Richee

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