Friday, 13 November 2015

Richee's Wasteland Journal #2

Read the first part of Richee's diary here. And course there will be spoilers.

Dear Diary,

Well last couple of days I've mostly been cleaning out raider jerks who were harassing local people for supplies. Then I've been recruiting the locals to the Minute Men, which I'm now the leader of, or the General as Preston called me. Rather smug about that.

One bad thing happened these last few days though. I asked Codsworth to join me on a routine exploration, but this meant dog had to wait at Sanctuary, and now dog has gone missing. I've had a look for him around where we went but he is no where to be seen. He may have found his old master, just hope nothing bad has happened to him.

The first group of bandits were hold up in a car assembly plant, being led by a mad man called Jared, who wanted Mama Murphy's power to see into the future. Apparently he knew her as a child and he turned into the monster she predicted he would. Fortunately for me, Mama Murphy didn't predict my showing up and hacking him up with a machete while hyped up on psycho.

The second group were harassing the Abernathy family farm and had murdered his youngest daughter. Blake Abernathy requested I bring back his daughters amulet, which the raiders had swiped. I also found a mini nuke, so now I can cause some real damage.

I stumbled across a third group while searching the Bean Town Brewery with Preston, looking for a little something to wet the whistle, but instead we found trouble in the form of Tower Tom. He looked quite intimidating but wasn't as much as a handful as Jared. Tom also had a very nice hunting rifle. I was able to put a scope on it so I won't have to get so up close and personal with every scumbag I meet.

And that's about it diary, still no clue on where Shaun is but I'm positive I'll find him soon. Preston thinks Diamond City is the place to go, so that's on my ever growing list of things to do. 


Here's a picture a settler took of me and Preston. Only cost 10 caps!

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