Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Richee's Wasteland Journal #1

With the release of Bethesda's much anticipated Fallout 4, Richee will be keeping a diary of his adventures in the Boston wastelands. Of course, spoilers will be abound from now on...

Dear Diary,

Wow diary, what a crazy couple of days I've had. Well, I say couple of days. it's been two hundred odd years. How time flies when your frozen, eh? But now I'm awake and I need to find Shaun and the bastard who murdered my Nora.

Upon waking up, miraculously, I found I was the sole survivor of some experiment gone wrong. Bloody government's messing with the average Joe. I'll make sure to write a strongly worded letter when I find time.

It really doesn't feel like I was asleep as long as I was. Found Codsworth still hanging around the old house and he brought me up to speed. Poor bot being alone all this time. After a brief search of the town I found some useful bits and bobs. Had to shoot down some radiated flies, luckily Codsworth's flamethrower is still operational, so were easily dealt with.

Codsworth told me about a town called Concord where I might be able to get some information on Shaun. On my way there I luckily bumped into a new friend at the Red Rocket gas station. Just calling him "dog" for now in case we stumble across his owner. Upon reaching Concord I found some raiders attempting to, well, raid a building. After clearing up the troublemakers a man named Preston asked for help, as his people were under attack.

After fighting my way up through the museum I was volunteered to suit up in some power armour and scare the raider scum away. All things were going to plan until a real-life monster called a death claw tried to eat me whole, power armour and all. That suit surely saved my life. Taking down that beast would have been near impossible with out it.

After coming out of that battle a bit battered, Preston and his crew headed to my old neighbourhood of Sanctuary. After setting up a few necessities around the place, I figured out I suck at D.I.Y, so headed out to search the area around the town in my power armour, or what was left of it. Found a nice little stash and a group of raiders who I dealt with quite comfortably. What came next though wasn't comfortable: a bear the same size as me in my power armour gave me and the dog a real fight.

After that I decided to head back to Sanctuary to get some rest and drop of my power armour, which is in real need of a fix up. And this brings us to now. Will try to do another entry when I get time. Oh yeah, Preston is a member of the Minutemen and he wants help getting his group back on it's feet, so yeah, looks like I'm gonna be kept busy. Need to remember my main goal of finding Shaun though. I'm coming son.


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