Friday, 13 November 2015

Layla's Wasteland Journal #2

Read the first part of Layla's journal here. Watch out for the spoilers...

The dog I came across at the Red Rocket is exceptionally adapt at finding and retrieving. He has already discovered for me many stimpacks and ammunition. To be on the safe side, I decided to take him back to the depths that was my prison, Vault 111. Although my body crawled with unease, I was determined that I was to take on this shattered landscape with the best equipment I could find. The dog, my brilliant, wonderful companion, did not disappoint, and managed to drag out a gigantic beast of gun which I was previously too weak to unlock. As powerful as this Cryolator is, I'm scared of running out its magazine, so I may keep to my 10mm in the meantime.

Codsworth mentioned Concord, a town not too far away from Sanctuary. The sandbag defences betrayed the presence of raiders. I found myself committing a capital offence in defence of my own life. What have I done? This truly is the end of the world. I had no time to think before someone shouted at me from a window. The voice seemed desperate but friendly. When I went into the Museum of Freedom, my heart already racing, threats where being screamed at me and gunfire aimed directly at my person. I've no shame to say I panicked. Within a door way I managed to catch my breath and focus. This is the world now, this is the world now. I had to keep on repeating to myself. I am a murderer like these people, but I will have to mourn their deaths later.

The dog is invaluable. Without him and his fearlessness I would never of had the strength to plow through that building and find the Minutemen, a dwindling group of survivors trying to protect themselves against these raiders. I feel an intense feeling of responsibility towards these relative strangers, and I volunteer myself to resurrect the abandoned power armour that's on the roof.

I'd heard of the power armour before, an almost indestructible suit built for front line warfare. How strange to find myself in one, throwing myself off the side of the building, killing more raiders. The ground rumbles and an abomination of nature breaks through the road, destroying people and launching whole cars across the street. I've no time to properly identify this creature, apart from recognise that I am way out of my depth against this gigantic horned beast. I'd almost felt that I'd drawn my last breath before the thing collapsed at my feet, ridden with minigun shells.

Preston Garvey, the leader of the Minutemen, was thankful for my protection, and we decided that building a new base in Sanctuary may be out best bet for the moment. Before we left, Mama Murphy, who at first seemed to be nothing but a chem-head, mentioned my son in one of her visions. I've never tried to indulge these so called "mediums", and I'm careful of giving her description too much credit, but I don't believe I mentioned Shaun to her. In this barbaric world were I'm turning more savage by the hour, I need all the hope I can get.

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