Thursday, 12 November 2015

Layla's Wasteland Journal #1

Like Richee, Layla will also be keeping a record of her times in the Fallout 4 wastelands. As ever, spoilers await...

I thought the worst thing would be the "total atomic annihilation", as the Vault-Tec sales man described it. If I'd have known that I was signing up to an existence without my family, then I would have chosen death over this. Apparently is was a malfunction with the cryogenic prison they put me in, but I drawed back enough consciousness to see the bastards who murdered my husband and stole my baby. He had the gall to look into my frozen eyes straight afterwards. Muttered something about me being the backup. When I awoke someday to find myself thawed out, everyone was dead. Long dead. Clothed skeletons littered the floors. I may be suffering my own grief, but this looks like the leftovers of madness. Some of the computers were still working. We were a government sanctioned study. In the face of oblivion they sacrificed their own people to fascist experimenters. Why would they do this? Did they know those bombs where going to go off? Did they approve it? I've never felt so sick and angry in my life.

Are cockroaches meant to be this big? Are these another experiment? I'm starting to feel woozy. The route to the vault entrance is still firmly in my memory, like I was only here a minute ago. I feel nauseous, but if there's one thing I know I have to do, it's find my baby, find my Shaun. I feel uncomfortable robbing the dead, but I spot one of those new Pip-Boys on what looks like a doctor. The Pip-Boy's extension lead plugs into the console, and I don't think I've ever been so happy to see sunlight in my life.

How long was I down there? Everything is trashed. I make it back to the house. All that Nate and I worked for is destroyed. Everything everyone has worked for is gone. I spot his shiny body through the decimated shrubbery. The one upside to nuclear technology is that Codsworth's robotics are not going to break down any time soon. I find it hard to believe at first, but Codsworth tells me its been over 200 years since that nuclear blast. I'm speechless. My body sustained 200 years in a cryogenic chamber? If this is the 24th century, then how old is Shaun? He could be dead. No, no I can't think like this. Shaun is alive. I have to believe it.

Nate always said I was stoic. But he was the one that served this country. I watched the news stories and I just wanted to be prepared. I wanted to make sure that we, our family, could handle this. Nothing prepares you for the reality, though. Now I'm walking around with a gun wearing clothes I stole from a corpse. It's taking all my strength and wit to focus. The world may of ended, but I'm still alive.

Shaun always enjoyed the Red Rocket truck stop. I always wondered if maybe he'd grow to have an affinity for space as he cheered that giant metal shuttle. A dog runs up to me from the garage and my heart quivers at this innocent creature. I don't know who the owner is, but I hope I never find them.

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