Thursday, 5 November 2015

His and Hers Movie Review Vol. 17 out now on 8tracks

How many playlists do you know that creep you out with Mica Levi's incredibly atmospheric Under the Skin soundtrack, only to follow into MC Hammer's ludicris Addams Family rap? As ever, our 8tracks playlists deliver the eclectic landscape that is the cinematic soundtrack. My favourites of this playlist include the aforementioned "Death" by Levi, from probably one of the best soundtracks I've heard in a while, Jerry Lee Lewis' hit from Superman IV, which was played repeatedly throughout the film, and the theme from Troll 2, which might just be the apitamy of B-movie soundtracks. Let us know which song is your favourite in the comments, or let us know on twitter (@richeeandlayla) or on facebook (his and hers views and reviews).

Our playlists are a compendium of all the songs we put at the end of our podcasts, and you can listen to our 8tracks here, and you can also download it for andriod and ios. You can find out more about 8tracks here.

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