Monday, 9 November 2015

DVD Roundup: Egging on edition

We didn't see Spy, Peter Feig's Bond spoof with Melissa McCarthy at the helm, but L.J. Spence saw it. While recommending it as a funny film with Hitchcockian twists, they felt that it was maybe a bit intense when it came to the volume of jokes being thrown at you:

"In a film where profanity and improvisation go hand in hand, I was sat in the cinema thinking that it is not that the film is too long, though two hours is a long time for a comedy, and it is not that separate scenes are too long, but it felt that individual shots went on too long, as if Paul Feig was egging on Melissa McCarthy to let rip at every available opportunity. It is fine to make you point, and provide a good laugh, but once the point has been made, you should move on."

Read the rest of L.J.'s review here.

2015 has given us good dose of mainly awesome kids films (hello Big Hero 6 and Inside Out!), but the one I have wanted to see the most is Cartoon Saloon's Song of the Sea. Set in Ireland, the story utilises traditional Irish folklore, where we see a young lad discover that his mute sister is a selkie. With animation set to rival the great Studio Ghibli, Song of the Sea sets to be a more thoughtful film, determined to keep alive some of the wonderful native myths in a world over run by superheroes.

With Star Wars: The Force Awakens due to hit cinemas very soon, now is great time to become reaquainted with George Lucas' dominating double-trilogy. If you don't already own the films, all six are being released as steelbook special editions, but at £20 each, that's a whole lotta money you're gonna be forking out. If your pocket is a little lighter, I highly recommend these editions of the trilogies. Working out at only £5 a film, that is a true bargain. Now, time to watch all of these films, for the first time...

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