Saturday, 31 October 2015

Trick or Treat mega post

Aww, I do hate the end of October, 'cos that means its the end of our Halloween themed podcasts and watching non-stop horror movies. Scary movies are some of the most visceral, most misunderstood and some of the most loved films out there. Hell, we are already planning what we want to do next year. In the meantime though, enjoy your Halloween night and catch up with this months Trick or Treats in this megapost.

Our podcast review of kids favourite The Addams Family

Layla's review of Killer Klowns from Outer Space

Richee ponders the nightmare production of Night of the Living Dead: Darkest Dawn 

Our podcast review of the exploitative Night of the Living Dead 3D 

Layla's 8tracks playlist Psychic Violations, designed to unnerve any party

Our podcast review of cult favourites Troll and Troll 2

Richee's review of the animated monster flick Hotel Transylvania

We did and podcast review of Guillermo del Toro's gothic romance Crimson Peak
Layla reviewed the 60s school girl fainting drama The Falling 

Our podcast review of child zombie horror Cooties 

Layla subjected herself to the terror that is The Human Centipede Trilogy 

Richee gave Layla her Virgin Viewing of Wes Craven's classic Scream 

Layla reviewed meditative documentary Fear Itself


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