Monday, 19 October 2015

Hotel Transylvania Richee Review

Well it's very random nowadays when Adam Sandler releases a film that isn't panned by everyone, so imagine my surprise when I heard Hotel Transylvania was actually good. With the sequel out later this month, I thought I better pull my finger out and review this bad boy.
So the story follows Dracs, played by Adam Sandler, who has opened up a hotel for all his friends to stay at so they can be safe from all the monstrous humans. Celebrating his daughter Mavis's 118th birthday, she wants to go and explore the world, having never witnessed how bad the world is out side of the hotel. After Drac convinces Mavis not to leave the hotel, Jonathan a human turns up at the hotel throwing a wrench into Dracs plan.

So that's the basic story and all of Sandlers usual co-stars turn up in this film. Selena Gomez plays Mavis very well and Andy Samberg is good as Jonathan. This films plays out like the Grown Up movies except it's animated with classic monsters. The film is fun with a few good jokes but doesn't bring any thing new in the whole don't-judge-a-book-by-it's-cover theme.
Final verdict: 6/10 - an above average film, it looks good and feels good but there is nothing game changing to see. The highlight for me is possibly the Zombie bell hops Dracs has running around helping out. That and Steve Buscemi as the Wolfman, 'cause Buscemi is the man.

Hotel Transylvania is a treat, certainly, something equivalent to a fun-sized Crunchie. Richee

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