Monday, 12 October 2015

DVD Roundup: genre edition

If you thought cinema was done with disaster movies, then you'd be wrong. Aparently, there is still a market for them, and San Andreas gives you all the classic tropes associated with the genre, but with added Dwayne Johnson. While watchable, this film really doesn't bring anything new to the table, but is much more sufferable than other disaster movies released in the past few years.

While I never have been one for these predictable horror movies, Insidious: Chapter 3 was suprisingly good, despite being predictable. A prequel to the previous two films, the story might have seen more original if I we hadn't seen the awful remake of Poltergeist and month or so earlier. Still, if you a fan of these types of films, then you will enjoy this one too.

There might be one way to survive a zombie apocalypse: get pass puberty. Thats the premise of Cooties, where contaminated chicken nuggets turn a bunch of school kids into decaying, rageing zombies. I picked up this film today, so expect a review from us soon.

Summerslam is out to buy now, and if you watched it the first time round, you'll know that NXT Takeover was a much better event. Richee gave us his five favourite matches from the two events, and only two of them where from Summerslam. Read his review here.

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