Wednesday, 28 October 2015

DVD Roundup: Caulrophobia edition

How many horror films do you know that end on a joke? The Poltergeist remake is unfortunately one of those films that seemed like a good idea at the time - change of politics, updated technology - but just could not improve on Tobe Hooper's and Steven Spielberg's excellent 1982 original. Although some of the effects in the original seem a little dated now, they where effective. However, this years version is just content on jump scares, and seemed to be ripping off the Insidious series. Either way, this new version pales in comparison to the original, and missed an opportunity to truly tap into contemporary fears. Download our review here.

Before he became the incredibly famous actor that he is now, Benedict Cumberbatch was a jobbing actor taking on roles in TV specials. One of the roles that cemented in the public imagination that, hey, this guy can act!, is the BBC biography Van Gogh - Painted with Flowers. Narrated by Alan Yentob, the programme examined the life of this incredible and much misunderstood artist. Cumberbatch, however, is as great as you expect, and more than a spitting image of Van Gogh.

If there is ever an actor that is always inspiring and interesting, that actor is Bruce Lee. Renowned for his fighting style Jeet Kune Do, his philosophising, the way he transformed how Chinese people where depicted in films, and of course, his films. Many of them are being re-relased, including Fist of Fury, The Big Boss, Game of Death and The Way of the Dragon, on dual format blu-ray by Mediumrare, so if you've not seen any of this films, then now is the perfect time to acquire some.

One of the original Video Nasties is being released in complete uncut form, and that is Sergio Garrone's post-war guilt, Nazi-exploitation film SS Experiment Camp. First released in 1976, the film was banned because of its gory images and sexual escapades, but even the BBFC had to admit, in 2005, that despite its bad taste, the sex was consensual and therefore not harmful towards humanity. Still, with Remembrance Day just around the corner, will there be a shit-storm again over what is probably a very silly film?

If you know someone whose a Monty Python fan who still doesn't own any of their films, then this maybe the best gift you can give them this Christmas. Retailing at around £40, Monty Python: Almost Everything includes all the films in "special edition" form, And Now For Something Completely Different, as well as every episode of the TV series. Now whose the best secret santa, right?

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