Thursday, 17 September 2015

The Hungover Games Review

So the latest spoof film to mock the new bunch of Hollywood heavy hitters came out last year. Based mostly around the characters from the Hangover, fighting in a Hunger Games-esque world. I unfortunately found this on Netflix and for some reason decided it would be worth watching. I can be really dumb sometimes.

So the story sees Ed, Bradley, Zach and Doug celebrating Doug's upcoming wedding. Unfortunately, things get out of hand and as usual they lose Doug, who volunteered to take part in the Hungover Games. The other three also get included in the battle, where they have to fight other tributes from films and TV.

So that's the synopsis. Along with that you get a load of dildo's for some reason and plenty of tit's. One thing this film knows is the only people who wanna watch it are juveniles just looking to see some boob's. Ted also makes an appearance packing a bear cock, Thor is overly camp, and Katniss, or Katnip as they call her here, who has the hots for Ed who has no problem ignoring the fact she is under age.

So this film is garbage and I truly believe the spoof genre is dead. This was the final nail in the coffin. This film is an hour twenty long and I didn't laugh once. Hell, I don't think I cracked a smile through out. This film is the lowest form of entertainment. Putting director Josh Stolberg in the same shameful bunch as Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer. Final verdict: 1/10 - this is a terrible film, it's not funny, it's not entertaining and it's not even original, which is hypocritical as it's mocking the featured films for being unoriginal. Richee

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