Monday, 14 September 2015

Mad Max Game Review PS4

I've done it, I've finally completed Mad Max. I managed to actually stop collecting all the scrap and historical relics that are scattered around the map to do the last two chapters. This game has had a mixed reaction from reviewers.

The game's story as a whole is quite short, with 5 chapters to get through. The story is interesting and well written, but I would have liked more. The length is bulked up by all the collectibles and threats you have to get rid off, from clearing out scarecrows, snipers and the slightly tedious minefields. But then you have the intense convoy routes where you have to take down a the leader in a pack of cars to get hood ornaments for your Magnum Opus.

The customisation for the Magnum Opus is pretty cool, and there's plenty of different designs for you to choose from. Max also gets some upgrades through out, letting you grow a beard or put on some goggles. Unfortunatly, the NPC's all kinda have the same skin. When I first went up against a Top Dog, I was interested to see these other boss characters, only to find out they all look the same, apart from a colour change.
Obviously there's some races to take part in. Barrel Bash, where you have to go through the check points, another race where it is a straight race from point A to B, and then a time bomb challenge where you have to get from A to B, but this time instead of racing against others you're against the clock, as you're attacked by others trying to stop you from getting there. The car handles well and the car combat is awesome with some very satisfying explosions.

Max's controls are tolerable, but I did have issues with some prompts, like the O button being drop of a ladder and shoot so I tried to drop of a ladder but just slid down and shot at the wall. X button is your melee attack, but also to pick up items, so half way through a couple of battles I would start eating dog food which I was close to, but these are just small gripes.
So final verdict is a 7/10. Mad Max is an enjoyable game which could have been so much better. I was expecting more of a struggle finding ammo or gasoline, but both are easy to come by, as is food and water, so your never really struggle for any gear especially if your updating the stronholds as you go. But even though it's lacking, it's a good game which will take up plenty of your time. Like the recent film it's style over substance but still fun, with plenty of interesting characters to meet along the way with plenty of issues for you to take care of. So if your looking for an open world with an apocalyptic theme with some pimped out death buggies then you can't really go wrong here. Richee

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