Thursday, 10 September 2015


You may of seen the audacious marketing ploy of putting Guardian film critic Benjamin Lee's 2 star review for Legend in between the ears of Tom Hardy's Ronnie and Reggie Kray in the latest round of advertisement, so as to make it look like a 4 star review. What makes this poster funny is the fact they kept the bad review on the poster, if only hidden in plain sight. Lee's follow up article, although admiring the "chutzpah", is wary of the way the marketing world can twist bad reviews into making a film look positive. Comments are taken out of context, critics who whore themselves out just so their name can appear on a poster, and some critics are even made up completely.

I suggest you go read Lee's full article, but it made me wonder how you could twist our reviews into positive press. Below are some reviews for films we've recently chastised, accompanied by a more accurate opinion.

Let us know though if a bad review splashed onto a poster would stop you seeing that film, and look forward to our own review of Legend, which will be out on 15th September.

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