Sunday, 20 September 2015

Games I want to see go next gen - Thrill Kill

So back when I had my original Playstation in 1998, a game made the rounds with kids in my neighbour hood which you couldn't buy, as you needed your Playstation chipped to be able to play it. This is because it never got released because of it's violent and inappropriate tone. But nowadays, with the fatalities Mortal Kombat get away with, I think Thrill Kill would make an interesting, if violent, addition to the beat em up genre.

So the concept for the game has four psychopathic killers fighting to fill up an energy bar, which then filled would allow you to perform a Thrill Kill on the opponent you could catch, until there was only one survivor. You had a large selection of degenerates to choose from, like Imp, who was a little person on stilts, Mammoth, who was some kind of mutated beast the size of a gorilla, or my favourite Cleetus, a cannibal who wields a severed leg as a weapon.
According to Wikipedia, the games rights belong to EA, who got the rights when they brought Virgin Interactive. They then pulled the plug on it's release because they didn't want to "publish such a senselessly violent game", as they felt that it would harm their image. They also stated that they deemed the game so offensive that they would not even attempt to sell the game, or for it to be released by another publisher either.

So EA, the most devious money grabbing corporation there is, didn't want to harm their image, yet they have no problem releasing the same game every year at full price. But when it comes to a little bit of blood they wet themselves.

My idea for this game nowadays would see a larger group of fighters going at it, say up to eight. It would be awesome to then stick it online, allowing eight people to fight it out at the same time, with character creations or skins to customise your favourite fighters. Stick in a story mode with some interesting back stories and you got a new beat em up which revitalises the genre. Richee

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