Friday, 7 August 2015

Wet Hot American Summer (2001) film review

So Netflix have made a series based around this film. This film featured lots of comedy stars before they had made a huge name for themselfves, meanig this film went under the radar when it was released. I have watched the series also and should have a review out soon but thought I'd might as well review the film first.

So the story takes place in 1981 on the last day off camp at Camp Firewood. Following the activity's of multiple counsellors, the story mainly follows the characters Michael Showalters, playing Coop, and Marguerite Moreaus as Katie, as Coop tries to win Katie's heart who is dating Paul Rudd's Andy. One of the other stories follows Janene 'Garafalos Beth and David Hyde Pierce's Henry getting together and saving the camp from an asteroid. One scene which felt out of place was a scene where a group of students go into town and end up doing lots of drugs then end up in a crack den, the whole scene just felt out of place.

This film was far too random for my liking with far too many characters all kinda doing the same thing; trying to get laid. Final verdict: 4/10 this is a below average comedy which doesn't get that many laughs, and feels a lot like a American Pie spin off. I'm glad I watched the series before watching the movie as I probably wouldn't have bothered if I had watched this first. Richee

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