Monday, 10 August 2015

It Follows - His Review

So this was one of the most hyped horror films of last year. Layla brought in to the hype and purchased this film from HMV. Following the usual horror cliche of having teenagers hunted by some demonic presence they know nothing about and can't escape.

Quick synopsis of the film: The film follows Jay, played by Maika Monroe, as a normal 19 year old girl enjoying life. That changes when she sleeps with Hugh, played by Jake Weary. He informs her that he has passed something onto and that some thing will follow her until she passes it on to the next person.

So interesting premise ,but unfortunately that's all it is. The character's seem interesting, but they soon fall into the same stupid cliches from other horror films characters. The story starts off interesting but soon goes stale and feels repetitive, and the final confrontation is beyond ridiculous, with Paul, played by Keir Gilchrist going full retard, shooting one of his friends while trying to shoot the Follower. The film gets the ominous music right, which plays when some thing is about to go down. Pros and cons with the-thing-that-follows: pro - it's quite creepy the way it just slowly stalks its prey without making a sound; con - you don't know what it is or where it came from.

This feels like half a film. You don't know enough about the characters, including the monster, and some scenes go nowhere, like Jay swimming out to a boat of guys, or Paul driving past hookers on a street corner. And don't get me started on the ending, or lack there off; it just ends so abruptly, leaving the story unfinished. Final verdict: 3/10 I thought this was a bad movie. It started off well, with a pretty gruesome death, but the repetitiveness and the fact nothing gets explained just leaves too many questions, without you getting invested and not really caring what it is anyway. Apparently, the director wanted to leave the film open so we could put our own ending on it. What he should have said is I can't be bothered to write the ending, do it yourself. 

So here is my ending if your interested. Jay and Paul go find Hugh/Jeff and chloroform him and take him back to the abandoned warehouse he took Jay, as Jay explains that he ruined her life and that he deserves whatever the follower does to him. Paul informs Jay the follower is coming. Jay walks behind Hugh who is tied to the chair and slices his Achilles then cuts him free. He collapses under his weight as Paul and Jay stand on two chairs with nooses set up. The follower slowly passed Hugh as Paul and Jay kick out their chairs, hanging themselves together. As Hugh slowly tries to crawl away, the follower turns it's attention to him now Paul and Jay are dead, it easily catches up to him reaches over his face grabbing his upper jaw the film cuts to black as Hugh's top jaw gets torn away from his lower jaw. Richee

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