Monday, 31 August 2015

A Girl Walks HomeAlone At Night (His Review)

So this Iranian Vampire/Western came out this year with an interesting look and style about it. The story follows Arash, a young man just trying to get by in Bad Town. With a junkie father who's in debt to a pimp Saeed, and having to look after a really fat cat, Arash is a hard worker but has his flaws, all the while The Girl walks the streets at nights looking for her next deserving victim or a random kid to threaten and mug.
The two leads do well, as do the supporting cast, and the black and white style looks very nice and suits the film. Unfortunately the story soon fades away and not a lot really happens after the first half an hour, and then it grows tedious. The relationship between the two is spontaneous and not really expanded upon, it felt like Arash was only interested as she was the first girl not to shun him and vice versa. For a vampire film there's not a lot of violence either, with only two fatalities in the film. As for the western aspect, there's a single song reminiscent of Sergio Leone's old spaghetti westerns.
I don't know what I was expecting in the long run with this film, but in the end I just felt bored and disappointed. Final rating 3/10: a very nice looking film but also flat and dull where not a lot really happened, and in the end you don't really care what happened to either character, ultimately a bad film. Richee

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