Thursday, 2 July 2015

Witcher 3 Review

So the Witcher 3 came out in mid May and I've finally completed it. It took me 96 hours (4 days) to get through it. The developers CD Projekt Red are still pumping out free DLC as well, so plenty of reasons to play through again. It was refreshing straight from the start, as CD Projekt Red put a thank you note in the case - in the current gaming market it's nice to see a developer giving back rather then just taking.

This was my first time playing the Witcher series, as they were previously only on the PC. The controls handle well though, and are easy to pick up, as well as the potion brewing which is simple to get the hang of. It still would have been nice to know a bit more of the back story, but you're introduced into the world and the combat settings perfectly.

You play as Geralt, searching for his lady friend Yennefer. Upon finding her you then go out searching for your previous ward Ciri, who is being chased by the wild hunt. Along the way you can take on Witcher missions to kill some pretty nasty beasties, horse races or even some fist fighting.

The story and characters were interesting and very well written with awesome dialogue. The Bloody Baron's missions were my favourite, where you also see the Crones for the first time. These ladies gave me the willies and made the hairs on my neck stand up. They were so gross. The wild hunt looked awesome and gave you the feeling they should be feared. Plus Geralt is the man. I usually like playing as my own character but Geralt is bad ass and a great main character. A few missions where you play through as Ciri are interesting, using her powers brought a new edge to how you played.

Downside's for this game would be the horse riding/racing which I had multiple problems with, even having it crash my game once. On top of that I got annoyed with the fall damage. I think I died more times through falling then by any thing else in the game. But these are small faults for a huge game with two massive maps to explore, the starting map and the Witchers castle Kaer Morhen.

So final thoughts on Witcher 3: it's fucking amazing, a solid 9/10. Minor issues take nothing away from a great game with brilliant graphics, tons of hours of game play and re-playability I haven't seen in a long time. Plus I'm forgetting the best part, and what I imagine your here for: sex on a unicorn.

So if you've yet to experience the fun of Witcher 3 and your looking for an emersive role playing game to tide you over till Fallout 4 comes out you can't get any better then this.     

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